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ایران خودرو
Km 14 Karaj Makhsoos Rd., Tehran,Iran. P.O.Box: 13895-111
Iran Khodro Company (public joint stock) was founded in August 1962 and was registered in Tehran Registration Co.( Registration no. 8352 , National code: 10100360794)

The company first started production of LP buses, the chassis of which were imported from Germany and assembled them in the current northern factory of Iran Khodro. In the following, a summery of events taken place since 1966 and achievements of the company during these years can be read.

In 1966, Iran Khodro signed a contract with the English company of Rootes to make a sedan named ‘Paykan’. A year later the car making company of ‘Iran National’ was established with the capital of 40 thousand dollars, benefiting from a land for the factory, new and old machineries and bank credit to assemble 10 passenger cars and 7 buses and trucks on a daily basis.

From 1967 to 1978 Paykan was assembled in different models of basic, deluxe, sport, station and pick-up, and buses were made as urban 302, rural and super deluxe. There were also minibuses and ambulances made in the then ‘Iran National’. Production raised form the very start and it amounted to 98000 sets of Paykan in 1977.

In 1973, localization of car parts and self-sufficiency was set as the main goal and strategy of the company, based on which the companies of Ball bearing, Piston, Tabriz IDEM, Mashad Reza and a casting factory were built.

In 1974, simultaneous with the increasing price of oil and exchange revenues, ‘Iran National’ chose to assemble Peugeot cars. It was in the same year that the company’s shares were introduced to Tehran Stock Exchange, giving up 45 percent of the shares to the public.

In late 1977, the company held talks with France’s Peugeot to replace Paykan, which had passed its time, with Peugeot 305. By the end of the next year, the Islamic revolution of Iran took place and the new government took the hold of all industries and according to the Islamic Revolution Council law of Iran Industries Protection and Development ratified in 1980, ‘Iran National’ due to its nature as an industrial company was sheltered by the National Industries Organization and managed by Ministry of Industries. This was when Iraq started the imposed war against Iran and the trend of foreign exchange and economical setbacks like lack of raw material import, low quality of products, delayed supply and worn-out machineries in the company extended up to 1982.

1983 can be recalled as a productive year with no specific barrier in the process of production and this came about as the Ministry of Industry was in good shape regarding the acquired strategies and stable foreign exchange condition. Meanwhile, this production growth could be seen in other industries as well.

Unlike 1983, 1985 started with a limp in foreign exchange earnings and signs of industrial, economical and production crisis could be seen everywhere, putting the company at the risk of shutting down in early 1986.

Two years later in 1988, Iran-Iraq war ended. This was when a three-year contract for the production of Peugeot 405 sedan was inked under the supervision of IDRO (Iran’s Industries Development and Renovation Organization) and the Ministry of Industries.

In 1989, simultaneous with Iran’s government emphasis on the production of public vehicles, two major developments took place. First, Peugeot shop in Iran Khodro was converted in order to produce 6000 sets of buses in two working shifts in a year. Second, in search of a replacement for Paykan powertrain as Iran Khodro rolled Paykan off the production line concurrent with Tablbot Company being closed, Peugeot 504 engine was mounted on Paykan, which was then named ‘Paykageot’ and finally ‘Paykan1800′.

In 1991, Paykan was back on production line and SAPCO (Supplying Automotive Parts Company of Iran Khodro) was founded.

1994 was the year of big development as Iran Khodro set down a 7-year program and the annual production of 300,000 sets. One of the strategic goals, considered in the 7-year program, was constant quality improvement followed by ISO 9000 standard project, processed in the company. Different production units in Iran Khodro could meet ISO 9000 requirements by 1998. Qualitative and quantitative boost in the production of domestic automotive parts was also achieved when SAPCO was established. And finally, Iran Khodro research and development center, built up with noticeable capital investment can be counted as another development, resulting in the creation of Samand sedan.

In 2002, Iran Khodro compiled a 10-year program directing at globalization and for this planned on its strategic goals of quality improvement, product diversity specially Samand models, Paykan phase-out, price consistency, competitiveness and inward technology transfer. Cost reduction, strong presence in domestic market and export development can also be considered as other objectives that were followed seriously. In this year also, the mass production of Samand as the national car started.

In 2003, Pars and Samand models of the year and Peugeot 206 sedan were put into production.

In 2004, Iran Khodro started to practice the SAP software as an enterprise resource planning system in order to improve productivity and planning to acquire a better control over final operations. It was in this year that the two sedans of Pars ELX and Samand Lx were introduced to the market.

Paykan phase-out in 2005 is regarded as a turning point in the company’s history technology-wise, working it out toward better customer satisfaction. Peugeot 206 sedan, Roa sedan enjoying optimized OHV engine and Samand Sarir limo were also marketed this year. In the meantime, Iran Khodro designed its CNG-based engine and targeted for global markets.

In 2006, the national engine production line and Samand sedan production lines in Azerbaijan, Belarus and Syria were put into production. Meanwhile, Tondar 90 sedan (Renault Logan) joined Iran Khodro cars, thereby; the product portfolio was no longer limited to Peugeot cars. Samand project in Venezuela also commenced this year.

Iran Khodro received the EFQM Award in 2007. The production lines in the city of Tabriz, Senegal and Venezuela were inaugurated in the same year and as a new car, the company introduced Samand Soren to the market.

In 2008, IKCO designed Runna. It was in the same year that the company was elected as the Top Exporter and received Export National Award and a crystal trophy for Iran’s Best Research and development Sector.

The role of IKCO in boosting car production volume in the country was quite tangible in 2009. Focus on global sales led to a 40% growth in IKCO car export through IKCO network. Meanwhile, Iran Khodro designed and prototyped a car that enjoyed nanotechnology.

Production of 755,555 cars in 2010 was a new record for IKCO in the region, which counted for almost 50% share of the market. Moreover, Iran’s Industrial Management Organization marked IKCO as the best company under the titles of:

First rank in Sale

First rank in job creation

Second rank in profitability

Best industrial group in Iran’s car making companies

Best of all pioneer companies in Iran

A growth in the company’s stock value, 40% improvement in IDRO qualitative figures for IKCO, cash flow management, better production chain supply by SAPCO and two to five percent price reduction in 65 cars concurrent with the first phase of government’s rationalization of subsidies plan can be also regarded as other accomplishments in 2010. Reconsidering export strategies based on Iran’s Supreme Leader recommendations and exporting 40 thousand cars through IKCO export network in 2010 with the main emphasis on sending IKCO brand cars to the Islamic countries’ markets were put on the agenda. This led to the global sale of 30% of IKCO cars (national car) in 2010. Dena as IKCO’s latest car enjoys world class standards regarding technology and design, the process of design and prototyping of which took less than a year. This sedan was unveiled on April 2011
تهران- خيابان سهروردی شمالی- خيابان شهید توپچی- پلاك ۱۲
بيرجند- كيلومتر ۱۱ جاده كرمان- كارخانه كويرتاير


About US

KavirTire Company

Kavir Tire Co. was established in 1987 at a capital of one million rials and executive operations for its construction started per a principled agreement of the Ministry of Industries. Its nominal production capacity was pegged at 25,500 tons from 1991. It is situated on 112 hectares of land in the city of Birjand, eastern Iran. The company was put into operation early October 1998 at a cost of IRR350b and $84m. Kavir Tire is the biggest industrial unit in South Khorassan Province and now, more than 15% (in weight) and more than 22% (in number) of all the tires produced in Iran are supplied by the company.

Kavir Tire Co. is honored to have innovation and dynamism as pivots of its strategic policy. Since its establishment, the company has always been a source of remarkable scientific developments in the Iranian tire industry. Such an honor is manifest in the acquisition of the technology for the production of wire radial tires for automobiles. The executive and organizational policies of Kavir Tire are based on the progressive principle of customer satisfaction and addressing the explicit and implicit demands of the customers and their access to new concepts of industrial management.

Today, Kavir Tire is honored to lead the Iranian tire industry and be seen as the symbol of science and industry of South Khorassan Province. For years, it has carried out major valuable activities in the industry and has offered quality products to the market, while taking steps towards elevation and progress as a dynamic and progressive organization. Now, it intends to rely on the potential of its hardworking and valuable directors, experts and staff and yield such high quality products as before to remain a forerunner in the Iranian tire industry.


  • Initial investment: 84 million dollars
  • Start year of operation: 1997
  • Land area: 112 hectares
  • Infrastructure: 85000 square meters

Organizational values of Kavir Tire Co.:

  • Honor of work, staff and sincerity of the organization
  • Meeting the interests of customers, consumers and other trade partners
  • Attending to quality and making distinction in products
  • Social responsibilities and environment protection
  • Creation of value and credit for customers, shareholders, staff and society

Technical Know-How and Machinery


Kavir Tire Co. is the first Iranian tire manufacturing company to have purchased the technology for designing and manufacturing wire radial and tubeless tires (premium tires) from Slovakia’s Matador Company, which is one of the most well-reputed European companies. The machinery and equipment installed in the production line of Kavir Tire Co. are from the famous brands of Europe and Japan that use sophisticated technology. It is exceptional in the Iranian tire industry from different aspects due to the mobilization of the collection with sophisticated control systems and precise tools. Since tires are critical to the safety of automobiles, to ensure the safety and quality of the products, all production procedures are attached to smart quality control systems and modern equipment are used in the company’s laboratories and test centers.


The products of the company include different sizes of steel-belt radial tires, and products for different kinds of vans as well as strips around the flap – all the products are marketed with the trade brand of Kavir Tire.


Share holder contributions:

  • Omid Investment Company: % 68.8
  • Ghadir Investment Company: % 13
  • Popular stocks: %18
  • Registered capital: 200 billion Rials


Job Creation

Kavir Tire Co. is the biggest industrial and production unit in South Khorassan Province, providing direct and full time jobs for 1,197 people and indirect jobs for more than 2000 others.

Moreover, the factory has recruited 150 experts, senior experts and PhDs in different branches. They are experienced and are graduates of the country’s leading universities.

Production Capacity

The license for the operation of the company envisions the production of 27,900 tons of different kinds of tires and flaps a year.

  • Certificate of annual operation capacity: 27900 tons of tires, tubes and flaps
  • Production of previous fiscal year: 26600 tons
  • Annual working days: 350 days


Development Plan

The company has pegged the project for its development on a short- and mid-term approach. The short-term development plan envisions upgrading technical know-how and diversification of the size of the steel-belt radial tires up to the latest global level of qualitative, environmental and technological standards, while eying development of the machinery to achieve a 30,000 ton production capacity. The project for mid-term development aims 40,000 tons of production capacity in a plant in the vicinity of the current plan. It is to rely on God Almighty to absorb modern technology for technical know-how and machinery, different kinds of All Steel tires tailor-made for buses, trucks, minibuses and varying kinds of tires for sport cars being wider with less altitude.

The features of the tires are: Passenger friendly, better steering, acceleration, more favorable braking, and durability; these are among the components intended for products of the company’s mid-term development plan.

Kavir Tire: A Customer-friendly Company

Kavir Tire Co. supplies tires to major portion of domestic auto-manufacturing companies like Iran Khdoro, Saipa, Kerman Khodro and the like. To satisfy the policy of offering modern sales services, a distinctive distribution network has been activated in the marketing and sales department to meet fresh demands of the consumption market. To build confidence in its products, the company provides a 48-month guarantee beginning from the date inscribed on tires. The company provides guarantees against all the damage caused as a result of production. Kavir Tire has an extensive distribution and sales network for its products nationwide and so it provides consumers with its products.


Since it became operational in 1998, Kavir Tire is honored to have received more than 110 counts of achievements including certificates, statues, awards and plates of honor from many organizations and centers of the country and of the world highest Iranian and international authorities. All these honors mark a brilliant record in the history of the country’s tire industry, presenting it as a progressive, elevated and honorable unit both nationally and regionally.

The most important achievements of the company are:


  • Receipt of the certificate and plate of honor as a model R&D unit from the Ministry of Industries and Mines in the years 1998, 1999 and 2000
  • Receipt of the plate of honor as a model entrepreneur and lover of laborer from the Social Security Organization in 2005
  • Receipt of the plate of honor and certificate for endeavoring to score the number one status in national quality award process in 2006
  • Receipt of the plate of honor and statue as a model public relations department from Iran’s 5th Public Relations Department, and an award for promoting public relations in 2007
  • Receipt of the title of model provincial unit; achieving the top rank in workers’ social and cultural affairs and receiving the certificate of appreciation from the governor general of South Khorassan Province and the South Khorassan Labor and Social Affairs Organization in 2008
  • Receiving a certificate of appreciation and statue as national model industrial unit from the President and Ministry of Industries and Mines in the years 2002, 2004, 2006, 2009 and 2011.
  • Receiving the certificate and statue for the national model unit for respecting the rights of consumers from Organization of Support for Consumers and Producers in 2003, 2004, 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2011
  • Receiving statue of top exporter of Iran from the Iran Trade Development Organization in 2011
  • Receiving title of model exporting unit in South Khorasan Province from provincial Industrial Research and Standard Organization in 2005 and 2011
  • Receiving certificate of merit as model environment protection unit and receiving title of model clean industry unit in province from South Khorasan Environment Protection Office in 2011
  • Receiving the certificate of merit from the National Productivity Festival in 2008 and 2011 as the top tire industry unit in the country for observing the general productivity index of agents in the 4th development plan
  • Receiving the certificate of green commitment and model green unit from the national green prize procedure of the Iran green management
  • Receiving the title of model and top unit in energy management in the country’s tire manufacturing companies for eight consecutive years
  • Granted the statue and certificate of appreciation and national productivity award from the country’s national productivity festival in 2013
  • Granted the national golden statue for respecting the rights of consumers in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014
  • Receiving the top medal and statue in 2013 for three decades of Jihadi management in 2014
  • Receiving the golden medal of trade for promotion of productivity from the 2nd productivity festival in 2014
  • Receiving the certificate of appreciation and a statute from the Iranian National Standard Organization in 2015 as an exemplary national qualitative unit
  • Receiving the certificate of appreciation for productivity from the 6th National Productivity Festival in 2015
  • Receiving the certificate of appreciation and statue from the Ministry of Industries, Mines and Trade in 2015 as a model industrial unit
  • Receiving the silver statue of the National Energy Management Prize in 2015 Certificates and quality licenses
  • The license of R&D from the Ministry of Industries, Mines and Trade
  • License of application of the national standard sign received from the Iran National Standard Organization
  • License of concordance with the energy consumption criterion from the Iran National Standard Organization
  • License of concordance of management system with S09001:2008 standard received from TUV NORD Company
  • License of concordance of the Environment Protection Management System with ISO14001:2004 standards received from TUV NORD
  • Certificate of concordance of the Quality Management System with ISO/TS 16940 standard received from TUV NORD
  • Certificate of concordance of the Professional Health and Safety Management System with ISO 18001:2007 standards received from the UK AGS
  • Certificate of concordance of the Energy Management System with ISO50001 standards received from the UK AGS
  • Certificate of the Implementation of Environment Protection, Safety and Health Management System based on HSE-MS standard received from the UK AGS
  • Certificate of the System of Quality Management, Monitoring, and Measurement of Customer Satisfaction based on ISO10004:2010 received from the UK AGS
  • License of tire exports to the EU (E-Mark)

Expansion Plan:

  • The annual production capacity in the expansion plan: 40,000 tons of passenger tires and truck tires (in addition to the existing capacity)
  • The final annual production capacity of the factory after the implementation of the expansion plan: 70,000 tons per year
  • Manpower: 470 new employees
  • Total manpower after the implementation of the expansion plan: 2100 employees
  • Approved funds by the government for the expansion: 100 million Euros
  • Results of the expansion plan:
  • Access to a more economical scale of production
  • Improved quality of the products
  • Localized know-how of a new generation of radial tires
  • Conformity of Kavir Tire products to the existing and future requirements of auto manufacturers
تلفن: ۰۵۶-۳۲۲۵۵۴۴۲-۷۱ (کارخانه) تلفن: ۴۱۳۵۳۰۰۰ 021(دفتر مرکزی)
Address : Sadaf Complex, Arg Blvd. Kerman Khodro Blvd. 16th km of Karaj Special Rd. Tehran-Iran
Address : Special Economic Zone, 10th km of Bam-Zahedan Rd.


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About …

Kerman Motor Company (Limited) was established in February 1995 under number 111476 and in February of that year at the Companies Registration Office and industrial property Tehran has been registered.


Kerman Motor started its activities by importing various models of Daewoo vehicles, after enthusiastic welcoming of customers, in order to reach primary objectives, absorb foreign investment and enter to vehicle production industry cycle, the design to produce vehicle in New Arg was executed.


Executive operations of this project was started on April of 1993, and its result was creation of various companies in the field of production and assemble of vehicle like Kerman Motor, Rayen Vehicle Maker, Bam Vehicle Makers.


Kerman Motor Company by using experience and specialized personnel implemented Daewoo Cielo production line in 1996, this company implanted production line of another model of Daewoo company vehicles named Matiz in 2000, and supply this vehicle, which all production steps conducted inside the country, to the market.


After purchase of the Daewoo factories by GM American factory, the new management of GM Daewoo refused to cooperate with Kerman Motor Company due to America Sanctions.


The main strategy of the company was the production of new vehicle named Lifan, which model of Lifan 520 supply to the market in 2008, after that the Lifan 520 I, supply to the market and good welcomed by the customers. After that, Kerman Motor Company in order to obtain customers needs and earn more vehicle markets produced and supplied Lifan 620 with 1.6 liter engine to the market and now the production of this vehicle with capacity of 1.8 liters and welfare facilities is continued.


Kerman Motor Company to complete its production basket produced and supplied SUV of X60, and we can consider this product as one of the best selling vehicles in its class in the market, also this company in order to accountability to various views of customers signed a contract with reliable brand named JAC, which was a biggest vehicle makers of China and the result of this contract was the production of Tojoy and J5 vehicle and after that automat J5 with powerful motor and more facilities added to this family.


Regarding outstanding welcome of the customers from J5 vehicle, at the end of 2014 S5 vehicle, a SUV from JAC Company submitted to the market. This is the first vehicle produced in Iran which holds handed 6-gear gearbox with turbo 2000cc engine.


Kerman Motor Company is intended to submit automat S5 vehicle with more complete equipment comparing to ordinary gear model ones to the market.


Other projects of Kerman Motor Companies in 2015, was Lifan X50 vehicle, which was to be submitted to the market in two models of CVT and ordinary gear. This vehicle is Cross Over and its objective customers group is youths and for them is designed and supplied and it is not competitive in Iran market.


Responsibilities and staff of Kerman Motor Company considered their experience in these years along with development and expansion of their production concurrent with global new technology and don’t stop up to reach this object.


Kerman Khodro Industrial Group

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About …

The collection named Kerman Group started its activities in the field of importation of various models of Daewoo vehicles on January of 1990 and its beliefs are as follows:


In any field we are entering, grasp the 1st rank in respect to quality and act like small institutes in respect to speed and agility. We looked in customer’s eyes respectfully and smiling on them and take his satisfaction as our duty.


After outstanding welcome by customers form our products in order to reach our primary objects, absorb foreign investment and take position in the cycle of vehicle production, we execute vehicle production design in Arg e Jadid.


Executive operation of this enormous project was started in one of deprived district of the State in a waste land in heart of the desert, where now are known as special economic region of Arg e Jadid.


The main reason to choice this region was its extraordinary deprivation, with the view that establishment of an economic center will be caused job creation, economy flourishing, aids deprivation, security and at result will prevent from immigration which in practice we have reached to these goals.


Kerman Khodro started its activity in the field of importing various models of Daewoo vehicles, After outstanding welcome by customers form our products in order to reach our primary objects, absorb foreign investment and take position in the cycle of vehicle production, we execute vehicle production design in Arg e Jadid.


Executive operation of this project was started in 1993 and its result was creating various companies in the field of production and assembly of vehicles like Kerman Motor, Rayen Vehicle Making, Bam Vehicle Making.


Ethics Chart of KAIC:


In any field that we enter:

In respect to quality, we take 1st rank

In respect to speed and agility, we act like small institutes


We looked in customer’s eyes respectfully and smiling on them and take his satisfaction as our duty.


Arg e Jadid

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About …

Kerman province is the 2nd widest province of Iran. This province is located in the southeast of the State, due to its geographical position; it holds natural resources and valuable bio-environmental absorptions. Fertile soil, reached mines and its four seasons atmosphere caused many eyes follow this country and many thinks are following to obtain its outstanding wealth.


Bam city is located in Kerman Province, its distance from Tehran is about 1283 Km and is located in wide land between two mountains named Barez and Kaboudi. Its weather is warm in plain area and average in mountain plots. Its old history is intermingled with Bam Arg, which is the greatest Adobe in the world. Arg-e Bam, the greatest adobe building in the world, make flourish the tourism industry of the province. Delicious date of Bam is registered its taste around the world.


Arg e Jadid located in near 10-kilometers of Bam City, is considered as an absorbing region for investment and a beautiful place for tourists. Approximate measure of this region is about 2100 acres of which 1000 acres is assigned to special economic region and rest of which is modern collection with welfare and tourism facilities under name of Arg e Jadid Township. The investments accomplished in this region are provided short and long term residence. Facilities like training facilities for children from preschool to high school, various hotels which cover all manners and sportive facilities like sports saloons, amphitheater, various restaurants, etc.


Due to proper rainfalls pouring in peripheral mountains, the Arg e Jadid has suitable water reservoir as though it is located on the sidelines of the desert. Design engineers of this region create beautiful region in the heart of the desert by combining water and natural perspectives which absorbs any spectator.


The construction of this region is started from 1991, and even the Bam earthquake in 2002 didn’t stop its progression.


Observing the Regulations and localized this region as part of special economic regions, the importation of raw materials and products to Arg e Jadid are done without any customs costs and this is a suitable opportunity for investing of foreign companies in this region. The vehicle makers companies and its affiliated industries can be considered as Arg economic pole of Arg e Jadid, the collection named Kerman Khodro, and its establishment date is the same as Arg e Jadid.


Lifan Motors

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About …

For 23 years, Lifan Group is on the way, where thunderstorms are illuminated with prosperity.


Lifan Group is a large-scale private enterprise focusing on scientific research and development as well as manufacturing and sales of engines, general machinery, automobiles and motors, meanwhile being involved in finance, securities and real estate.

Starting from power system, Lifan Group has developed business portfolio that is focused on auto, motor and general machinery. By sticking to the development of self-owned brand, independent R&D and internationalization strategy, Lifan has achieved organic combination of entity industry and financial services.


Set sail in virtue of wind. Through a worldwide sales network, Lifan Group has its products sold to 165 countries and regions e.g. Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America, etc., setting and maintaining the record of highest export volume among domestic peers for years. Lifan has received the greatest honor as “National Identity” of China, which made the enterprise one of the 100 well-known enterprises that represent China’s 60-year economic development since the founding of the nation.


In 2014, Lifan Group achieved sales revenue of RMB 30.62 billion by selling 283,100 autos, 1,393,100 motors, 3,674,600 engines and 401,100 general machineries, and earned USD 1.033 billion through exports. The subsidiary Lifan Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. was successfully listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange as the first private passenger car A stock listed in China.


Lifan Motors, an innovative force in China national auto manufacturing industry.


In January of 2006, the world debut of the first model Lifan 520 marked that Lifan officially started to enter automobile industry.


Depending on massive investment into auto projects, Lifan Group has developed into one of the enterprises with the most extended product lines, with licenses to produce a series of products e.g. passenger car, minicar, truck, special vehicle, bus, etc. In 2014, sales revenue of Lifan passenger cars reached RMB 7.485 billion, increased 18.87% in comparison, with the amount of exportation of 6.304 billion Yuan, increased 17.79% in comparison, keeping No.1 among Chongqing private manufacturing enterprises.


Through nine years of constant strivings, Lifan Motors has made qualitative leaps in capacity, product line, manufacturing process and quality control. In terms of capacity, the three factories in Chongqing are all equipped with advanced production lines for stamping, welding, coating, assembly and engine, as well as the test line for dynamic performance of entire vehicles. At present, the 4th factory is under construction. Completion of all the above-mentioned factories will put the capacity of Lifan well over the 1 million mark.


In terms of product line, the three major platforms have been available to produce small models, compact models, and mid-sized/oversize models. Currently, a wide variety of sedan, SUV and MPV have been produced in much higher quality.


Now, Lifan Motors offers a wide range of models e.g. Lifan 520, 520i, 320, 330, 530, 620, 630, 720, 820, X50, X60, micro vans and so on and had them exported and fully participated in the internationalized competition on global market.


In terms of new energy autos, Lifan has successfully developed model 320 and 620 electric vehicles.


As planned, Lifan Motors will develop at least two new products every year. It will have its cross-over compact SUV such as Lifan X50, home and business application B-Class such as Lifan 820, home MPV such as Lifan CA08 debuted in 2014, so as to achieve stereoscopic development of the company.


Jac Motors

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About …

Established in 1964 as Hefei Jianghuai Automobile Factory, its name was changed to Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. in 1997. The company made an IPO on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2001.


AC has historically only produced commercial trucks (under the brand name Jianghui), but MPVs and SUVs appeared in the 2000s. By 2007, the company had gained government approval for passenger car production but, nonetheless, continued to be referred to as a truck maker. Prior to the 2007 acquisition of a passenger car license, JAC cooperated with Hyundai Motor Company in the early 2000s in an attempt to expand its product line.[citation needed] Beginning in 2003, it assembled Hyundai MPVs although this stopped sometime prior to 2007. At least two models based on Hyundai technology continued to be made by JAC after the cooperation was cancelled–a MPV and a SUV. Hyundai explored setting up a joint venture with the company in 2004.


n 2009, the Chinese government indicated that it supported consolidation in the Chinese auto industry, leading analysts to predict the possibility of JAC joining with Chery since they are both located in Anhui province. On the surface such a merger would make sense: Chery mainly built passenger cars, and JAC was almost entirely focused on trucks at the time. Since then, however, JAC has made it clear that it is not interested in consolidation under the aegis of the larger Chery. JAC has begun to concentrate more on passenger cars, and a 2010 announcement of a new electric vehicle program may—at least partially—have been an effort to stave off the rumored merger.


In 2010, it was one of the top ten most-productive vehicle manufacturers in China selling 458,500 units for 2.5% market share and reaching eighth place. JAC dropped one spot to ninth in 2011 making nearly 500,000 vehicles, and in 2012 a fall in units produced to about 445,000 precipitated the company’s moving down one more rung to tenth place. Estimated production capacity is over 500,000 units/year as of 2009.


In the 2000s, its flagship model was the Refine (Ruifeng in Chinese). The restyled 2004 Ruifeng Gold featured 60% Chinese-made part content.


JAC currently produces the following passenger cars:

S3, S5, J5, …



Address : Sadaf Complex, Arg Blvd. Kerman Khodro Blvd. 16th km of Karaj Special Rd. Tehran-Iran


Address : Special Economic Zone, 10th km of Bam-Zahedan Rd.
۴۲۷۲۴ -۰۲۱
۴۲۷۲۴ -۰۲۱
پارس خودرو
km 9th Karaj Special Rd , Tehran, Iran
  •  Establishment of Jeep Trading Co.
  • Import and Sales of  American ‘Wheels Jeep’  and relevant spare parts
  • Instruction of a plant in 9th km of Tehran-Karaj Special Road
  • Assembly line for ‘Jeep Shahbaz’
  • Production and sales of ‘Jeep ‘Shahbaz’ and ‘Simorgh Pickup’
  •  Competition among domestic auto makers (Iran Khodro & Saipa)
  • The simultaneous increase in Pars Khodro product portfolio & market share
  • Initiating the production of ‘Rambler’ American brand by the names of  ‘Arya’ and ‘Shahin’
  • Initiating the production of two differential vehicle known as   ‘Aho Pickup’ and ‘Shahbaz Jeep’
  • Administrating the Developmental, Industrial and civil projects
  • Entering the field of Luxury cars production
  •  Industrial co-operations of GM as a shareholder
  • Renaming Jeep co-investor Co. to ‘Iran GM’
  • Launching new products :’Chevrolet Iran’ (Opel), ‘Chevrolet Pickup’, ‘Chevrolet Nova’, ‘Buick Sky Lark’, and ‘Cadillac Civil’
  • Focus on high Quality Products and Customers satisfaction
  • Remarkable Increase in Productions volume
  • Renaming General Motors Iran to ‘Iran Auto Making Co.’ & Transferring the Shares of General Motors Iran
  • Renaming to ‘Pars Khodro Co.’
  • Crisis in supply of CKD parts and materials
  • Initiation of co-operations with Mahindra Jeep of India for the production of Tosan Jeep
  • Initiating the Production of Spanish Land Rover
  • Productions halt for Jeep Shahbaz, Jeep Ambulance, Jeep Aho Station, and Simorgh Pickup.
  • Restarting the production of Chevrolet Iran and Chevrolet Nova, Buick Sky Lark, and Cadillac Civil
  • Initiation of co-operations with Nissan Japan for improving technology and receiving Technical Engineering Services
  • Additional options of Army equipment to Jeep
  • Increasing the variety range of products portfolios
  • Launching the production lines of new products including Nissan Patrol with variety of models (Van, Hard Top, Ambulance)
  • Initiating the production of Jeep Sahra
  • Adding New Nissan product of New Pickup (for Money transportations and other purposes) to the variety of product portfolio
  • Instruction of subway tunnel for jointing the North & South Sites plants.
  • Transferring Renault 5 production line from Saipa to Pars Khodro
  • Administration of civil, developmental, and production projects
  • Constructing Centralized Paint Shop
  • Start of Renault production by the name of ‘Sepand II’
  • Saipa Purchasing 51% of Pars Khodro shares in Tehran Stock Market.
  • Transferring Pride production line from Saipa to Pars Khodro for meeting customers satisfaction and requirements for increasing the production volumes
  • Selection of Pars Khodro as the exemplary exporter in 2001
  • Production of PK, Nissan Patrol Safari and Seranza
  • Production of Pride 141 & New PK
  • Initiating the new products of Nissan brand including Maxima, Pickup, and D22 Wagon (Roniz).
  • Benchmarking of Nissan production system (Nissan Production Way)
  • Improving and increasing the production lines capacity and administration of Research and improvement projects
  • Improving the quality of products and the receipt of international certifications in quality, security, hygiene, environment, and etc.
  • Construction of cars body and assembly of Renault new products by meeting the latest car manufacturing international standards
  • Purchase of Zagros Khodro Co. by Pars Khodro Co. and transferring Pickup & Roniz production lines from PK to Zagros Khodro.
  • Initiating the production of Renaults France new cars including Megane and Logan (by the trading name of Tondar90).
  • Benchmarking of Renault production system (Renault Production Way)
  • Production of Nissan new cars including Teana and Qashqai
  • Adding New Murano (CBU) to the variety range of products portfolios
  • Receiving national presents and certificates in research and Excellency of organization (EFQM).
تهران – كيلومتر 15 بزرگراه شهيد لشگري (جاده مخصوص كرج) – شركت سايپا

Until 1985, the Renault and Citroen logos were being used by SAIPA. However, due to some changes in its policies and programs and in order to diversify products, it was necessary to have a trademark and to build an independent brand.

Inspired by the traditional tiled tower in the Ilkhanid period, the logo of SAIPA was created, and one of the most important features of this logo is its dimensional harmony with the use of three symmetrical crests arranged with 120 ° angles, capable of change in size and dimension.

At first glance, SAIPA logo seems to be a cogwheel which is a symbol of industry and production. With more precise look, the direction of the crests may suggest a globalization trend and direction of one of the crests upwards may be interpreted as organization approach to align all its talents with its organizational excellence policy. Another way of interpreting may be that the inward direction of peripheral crests indicates the inputs which are raw material, financial and human resources and lead to outputs namely product, profit and services.

This logo was designed by late Morteza Momayez who was inspired by Gonbad Sorkh monument [red dome] in Maraghe city in Iran.
44196550 (021)
5-44194934 (021)
شهاب خودرو
9th km – Karaj Special (Makhsus) Rd., Tehran , Iran

About Shahab khodro

Shahab khodro commenced as a partner of British Leyland Motors Corporation in 1963. Previously, it was known as Leyland garage and was a huge parking space located at the south west of Tehran (Qazvin Street) in a space of 8115 m2.It was a transportation company at that time.
The name of that garage changed to “transport bank” and then to “Domestic Transportation Company” within a few years while the company began to assemble and market (BMC, FG900) models of Leyland trucks, however, those two models of Leyland trucks was the only productions of the company.

In 1963 the share holders of company (Mr. Panahpour and Mr. Asadi) registered Iran Leyland motor company with the partnership of British Leyland Motors Corporation.
In the inception the company was aiming to handle the goals below:
*manufacturing trucks and buses
*Supplying and importing spare parts
*some industrial and commercial affairs
In 1963 the company built and generated a tremendous factory in a 180,000 block of land in the industrial area of Karaj highway (Jade Makhsoos, 9th kilometer).
Since then the factory has produced approximately 30,000 trucks and buses of various models and made,

Including urban bus , inter city bus, middle bus , double deck bus and divers trucks.

Besides, the company has got good experience in the field of equipping urban services machineries . It was the main manufacturer of truck equipments for a long period of time.

Moreover, the company has been acting as an outstanding provider of essential needs for the army purposes at deploys during the imposed war.
After the Islamic revolution (1979) the ownership of company was changed and it became under the authority of industries and mines ministry until 1999 when the “Astan ghods Razavi” purchased total asset of company and it belongs to “Astan” since then.
After this change the company started corporation with Renault (French vehicle manufacturer) and began to produce CNG and SLF buses.

Shahab khodro has been identified as pioneer and the second best producer all over the country, regarding the quality and quantity of metropolitan buses. It is the second best seller as well.

Some of the main foreigner partners of Shahab khodro are as below:

British Leyland motors corporation
Renault (French)
MAN (German)
ZF (German)
VOITH (German)
Young man (Asian)
Asia star
VALEO (French)
BODE (Spanish)

The most important customers of Shahab khodro are listed as below:
*The organization of municipalities
*Council of Tehran and some other cities
*Petroleum ministry
*Defense ministry
*Army of Islamic republic of Iran
*The organization of fire fighters and security services
*Oil stock company
* The organization of nuclear energy
*Khatamol anbia engineering organization
* The organization of recycling
*Iran custom
*Roads and traffic affairs (RTA)
*Seiro safar company
*Metro bus companies
*vehicle manufacturer companies
*some of the Air lines
+98 21 44504750 – 4
+98 21 44561592
یزد تایر
Khorramshahr Street, No. 113

About Us

Yazd rubber industries complex (YRIC) has been established since 1985 and serves as manufacturer of tires and tubes for bicycle , motorcycle , light truck and passenger car .YRIC`s products are supplied under the brand name of Yazd Tire.

Applying up to date technology and state of the art machinery, YRIC succeeded to promote “Yazd Tire” brand name in the local and foreign tire markets. The foundation for Yazd Tire success is its ability to supply high quality products, on time and with after sales services.

Yazd Tire products are well known in many countries from Asia, Africa and Europe such that almost every day new inquiries are received from abroad.

As a leading tire manufacturer in the country primarily, Yazd Tire has been producing a wide range of bicycle and motorcycle tires and tubes with IRC know how ‘Japan’ for in house and foreign markets.

As the result of the technical agreement with VRDESTEIN Consulting B.V of the Netherlands, YRIC launched the production of radial steel belted tires for passenger cars in 2006.

Besides operating to ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001 through a quality system certified by DQS GmbH, Yazd Tire holds full authorization to use VREDESTEIN name together with Yazd Tire as brand name on all its radial steel belted tires.

Now,  thanks to global good reputation of VERDESTEIN as one of the best tire manufacturers in Europe and fame of Yazd Tire brand name more customer are attached all over the world .

At the first phase of production expansion 15 sizes of steel belted radial tires for the rims 13″, 14″, 15″ and 16″ are in the scope of production,  these 15 sizes have advanced rubber compound for perfect road contact and have sturdy carcass construction for responsive comfortably stable steering. They are categorized in 5 tire pattern families, URANUS,VENUS, SATURN, JUPITER and MARS with following excellent characteristics:

URANUS:  with its maximum water disposal,low rolling resistance and fuel saving, less noise, minimum air loss, exceptioلنگرnal grip on wet roads,is suitable for high speed on high way.

VENUS: as an All Season tire (with combination of advantages of winter &summer tires) with optimal grip, skid presentation, high level of wet road adhesion and super braking power(even in winter weathers)is suitable for driving in different weather conditions.

SATURN: as a winter tire, has maximum traction on wet slippery roads, excellent winter properties at temperature below 7 centigrade, sipped tread pattern for perfect grip on wet road,optimal disposal of mud and snow,and extra grip for a shorter braking distanceis suitable for driving on mud and snowy roads.

JUPITER:  A multi functional pattern, with maximum water drainage, is good for easy comfortable driving.

MARS:  A summer tire with none-directional pattern is a quiet tire with sporty shape.

At the second phase of production expansion, 5 more tire sizes were added and 3 other sizes are adding to the scope of production:  4 new and modern tire sizes for high performance passenger cars with speed symbol of V and Silica type tread that one of them is a Rim Protector type 17” tire. Another added size has designed for commercial pick-ups. Also 3 new radial tire sizes are adding for Light Trucks.

Hundred percent of radial tires produced by Yazd Tire will be passed through uniformity and X-ray test.  A random sample will be evaluated for durability and high speed performance, as well as road tests under influence of different weathers.

All tires made by Yazd Tire have the ability to be tested for especial requirements of car manufactures too. Such tires will be considered and classified carefully.

Yazd Tire under certain rules and standards guaranties its radial tires to perform at least 80000 kilometers.
گروه صنعتی بارز
آدرس: دفتر مرکزی : تهران-خیابان سهروردی شمالی-خیابان هویزه غربی-شماره103-ساختمان بارز
کارخانه کرمان : کرمان – کیلومتر 25 جاده جوپار
دفتر مرکزی بارز کردستان : تهران – خیابان هویزه شرقی – پلاک 52
کارخانه کردستان : جاده همدان به سنندج -شهرک صنعتی دهگلان
درباره ما

از زمان تاسیس گروه صنعتی بارز در سال 1363 به عنوان اولین کارخانه‌ی تایرسازی کشور، به برکت علاقه و اشتیاق مصرف کنندگان، محصولات این شرکت یعنی تایر بارز در بازار تایر ایران، وارد و به واسطه کیفیت بالای این تایرها و تکنولوژی های دریافت شده، رفته رفته به عنوان بهترین تایر ایرانی مطرح گردید.
تاریخچه انتقال تکنولوژی: پس از طراحی و شروع ساخت شرکت بارز، اولین قرارداد انتقال دانش فنی با شرکت لاستیک دنا (بریجستون ایران سابق) به امضا رسید. رفته رفته این شرکت اقدام به جذب تکنولوژی TRI روسیه و مارانگونی ایتالیا برای تولید تایرهای رادیال سواری نمود. در سال های اخیر این گروه در قالب قراردادی 10 ساله اقدام به اخذ و پیاده سازی تکنولوژی کنتیننتال آلمان به منظور تولید انواع تایرهای رادیال نمود. در حال حاضر تمامی محصولات گروه صنعتی بارز با تکنولوژی کنتیننتال آلمان طراحی و تولید شده و روانه بازار می گردند.
تاریخچه تایر بارز: گروه صنعتی بارز (با نام قبلی مجتمع صنایع لاستیک کرمان) در فروردین ماه 1372 افتتاح و نام تجاری “بارز” را برای محصولات خود برگزید. اولین فعالیت تجاری گروه صنعتی بارز در سال 1373 آغاز گردید. ظرفیت اولیه ی سالانه بارز برابر با 25 هزار تن انواع تایر، تیوب و نوار وسایط نقلیه ی سبک و سنگین و همچنین تایرهای کشاورزی بود. دو سال پس از شروع تولید این ظرفیت محقق گردید. تایرهای تولیدی این گروه صنعتی بارز با نام تجاری “بارز” وارد بازار شده و دیری نپایید که بارز مورد استقبال مصرف کنندگان ایرانی، به ویژه در بخش حمل و نقل سنگین قرار گرفت.
سهم گروه صنعتی بارز در تولید محصولات کشاورزی نیز رفته رفته افزایش یافت تا جایی که پس از 5 سال از مرز 50 هزار حلقه در سال عبور کرد. در حال حاضر گروه صنعتی بارز با تولید بیش از 100 هزار حلقه انواع تایرهای کشاورزی(تراکتوری) نزدیک به 70% از سهم بازار تایر کشاورزی ایران را در اختیار دارد. این شرکت با تولید کنندگان تجهیزات کشاورزی ایران از جمله تراکتورسازی تبریز همکاری تنگاتنگی را پی ریزی نموده و قصد دارد تا نیاز این شرکت رو به رشد را در تأمین انواع تایر کشاورزی به صورت کامل و بلند مدت برآورده سازد.
راهبرد دیگر بارز، همکاری استراتژیک با دیگر خودرو سازان ایران از جمله ایران خودرو و سایپا (دو شرکت بزرگ تولید کننده ی خودروی سواری در ایران) بوده است. لذا در همین راستا گروه صنعتی بارز اقدام به احداث دو کارخانه تولید تایرهای رادیال سواری به ظرفیت 5 میلیون حلقه در سال انواع تایرهای سواری رادیال(Tubeless) نموده که هم اکنون سهم قابل ملاحظه ای در تأمین نیاز این دو خودرو ساز و سایر تولید کنندگان خودروی سواری در ایران دارد.
هدف بعدی این گروه صنعتی، افزایش ظرفیت تولید تایرهای رادیال سواری به 10 میلیون حلقه در سال می باشد. با تاسیس کارخانه بارز کردستان در سال 1392 و اجرای پروژه های توسعه ظرفیت در بارز کرمان این گروه شروع به حرکت به سمت این هدف نموده است.
گروه صنعتی بارز با انعقاد قرارداد بلند مدت همکاری فنی با شرکت کنتیننتال آلمان، چهارمین شرکت بزرگ تایر سازی جهان، تصمیم گرفت برای اولین بار در ایران نسبت به تولید و عرضه ی تایرهای رادیال باری و اتوبوسی تمام سیمی اقدام نماید. پروژه ی احداث یک واحد با ظرفیت 1100 حلقه در روز و ظرفیت سالیانه بیش از 400 هزار حلقه، از سال 1382 در دستور کار قرار گرفت که فاز اول آن در سال جاری یعنی 1385 به بهره برداری رسید. با معرفی این محصولات که با ماشین آلات و تکنولوژی روز اروپا در ایران تولید می شوند، گروه صنعتی بارز گامی بلند به جلو خواهد برداشت. همچنین در سال های اخیر این شرکت فاز دوم توسعه خود را در این حوزه آغاز نموده و علاوه بر ارائه تایرهای جدید قصد دارد تا ظرفیت تولید تایرهای رادیال تمام سیمی باری و اتوبوسی خود را دو برابر نموده و به تولید 400 هزار حلقه در سال دست یابد.
همچنین این گروه از سال 1391 خط تولید تایرهای راه سازی خود را افتتاح نموده و در حال حاضر بزرگترین تایر ساز ایرانی در این حوزه است.
همچنین در سال های اخیر محصولات این گروه مورد استقبال مصرف کنندگان قرار گرفته و با توجه به رضایت مصرف کنندگان بارز ، روند فروش این شرکت همواره صعودی بوده است .
این شرکت در حال حاضر دوره زمانی 5 سال آینده را به عنوان دوره صادرات برگزیده و برنامه های توسعه مختلفی را برای توسعه شبکه توزیع خود در بازارهای هدف صادراتی دنبال می نماید . برخی از مهمترین اهداف گروه صنعتی بارز عبارت است از :
رساندن تولید به 10 میلیون حلقه
رساندن سهم بازار داخلی تایر تعویضی(R.P) به 40درصد
رساندن میزان صادرات به 100 میلیون دلار
کسب 35درصد سهم بازار تایر تجهیزی(O.E)
دریافت تندیس سیمین تعالی سازمانی(EFQM)
چشم انداز گروه”ایفای نقش اول در کشور و یکی از نقش آفرین ها در صنعت لاستیک منطقه” بوده که با آنچه ذکر شد امید است در آینده ای نه چندان دور محقق گردد. گروه صنعتی بارز بر چهار ارزش محوری تأکید دارد.
مشتری محوری
ایجاد فضای مطلوب کاری برای کارکنان
یادگیری و بهبود مستمر
نتیجه گرایی
با بهره گیری از مدل تعالی سازمانی EFQM به عنوان یک راهکار تعالی سازمانی در سال های اخیر، تلاش بارز بر مشخص تر کردن اهداف راهبردی در راستای ارزش های یاد شده بوده و با تعریف پروژه های راهبردی در حوزه های “مدیریت و ساختار”، “تولید و عملیات”،”بازاریابی و فروش”، “تحقیقات وتوسعه” و “حوزه ی مالی” برای ارتقای خود برنامه ریزی نموده و به طور قطع و یقین با جدیت هر چه بیشتر همکاران خود، مسیر تعالی را طی خواهد نمود.
راهبرد دیگر گروه ایجاد شبکه ی توزیع برند ساز بوده و در این راستا اعتقاد راسخ به پیوند بلند مدت با مشتریان و عوامل فروش خود در بازار دارد. مشتریان محصولات بارز از طریق عوامل ثابت فروش همواره پشتیبانی شده و در 303 مرکز عرضه ی محصولات بارز در سراسر کشور به محصولات و خدمات پس از فروش این شرکت دسترسی دارند.
همچنین در حال حاضر تایرهای بارز از طریق اداره صادرات و همچنین شبکه نمایندگان بارز به کشورهای ترکیه، عراق، پاکستان، افغانستان، قزاقستان، عربستان سعودی، سودان ، سوریه، ارمنستان و آذربایجان صادر میگردد.
همزمان با افزایش سهم بازار محصولات “بارز”، راهبرد یاد شده اهمیت بیشتری می یابد و در همین ارتباط گروه صنعتی بارز در نظر دارد تا حداقل در 5 منطقه ی کشور دفاتر بازاریابی خود را فعال سازد تا ضمن ارتباط نزدیک تر با مشتریان، بتواند خدمات مورد نیاز آن ها را بیش از پیش تأمین نماید. گروه صنعتی بارز با رقابتی تر شدن بازار در سال های اخیر توجه ویژه به بخش تحقیقات و توسعه به عنوان یکی از عوامل موفقیت خود در آینده، مبذول داشته و با احداث یک مرکز پیشرفته ی تحقیقات و توسعه و تجهیز آن، زیر بنای طراحی و توسعه ی محصولات را فراهم نموده است. علاوه بر آن با آغاز پروژه ی احداث مرکز تست جاده ای برای اولین با در کشور، این گروه صنعتی جایگاه ویژه ای را برای خود رقم خواهد زد که امید می رود این مرکز بتواند پیوند قوی تری با خودرو سازهای کشور و گروه صنعتی بارز ایجاد نماید.
گروه صنعتی بارز با تأکید بر تولید انواع تایر به ویژه تایرهای رادیال سیمی به عنوان فعالیت محوری و اصلی تلاش نموده است در زنجیره ی ارزش ساز خود نیز فعال باشد. در این زمینه می توان به احداث یک واحد تولید سیم طوقه و یک واحد روکش تایر در سیرجان، مشارکت در طرح تولید دوده ی صنعتی در محلات، تأسیس یک شرکت سرمایه گذاری و نیز دو شرکت بازرگانی(سامان بارز) و خدمات حمل و نقل(بارز ترابر) اقدام نماید. شناخت زنجیره ی ارزش ساز گروه و سرمایه گذاری در آن نیز به عنوان یکی از عوامل مهم در فضای رقابتی آینده مدنظر بوده است و سعی می شود تا جایی که تأثیر مثبت روی فعالیت محوری گروه داشته باشد مورد توجه قرار گیرد.

لاستیک پارس
دفتر مرکزی: تهران – میدان ونک- بزرگراه حقانی- نرسیده به چهارراه جهان کودک- پلاک 71

کارخانه: ساوه- شهر صنعتی کاوه- خیابان نهم- مجتمع لاستیک پارس

شرکت لاستیک پارس یکی از بزرگترین تولیدکنندگان تایر در ایران با چهاردهه سابقه در امر تولید تایر می باشد. این شرکت در سال 1355 شمسی با مشارکت بانک توسعه صنعتی (بانک صنعت و معدن فعلی)، شرکت پیرلی ایتالیا و سهامداران بخش خصوصی با ظرفیت اسمی 20 هزار تن در سال تأسیس گردید. در سال 1374 با اجرای طرح توسعه و با افزایش ظرفیت تولید تایرهای باری و اتوبوسی، ظرفیت اسمی تولید به 40 هزار تن افزایش یافت. تولیدات شرکت شامل انواع تایرهای کامیونی، اتوبوسی، وانتی و سواری با ساختار بایاس است که با نام تجاری «پیروزی» برای استفاده در شرایط گوناگون عرضه می شود.

این شرکت با تلاش کارگران و کارکنان سخت کوش خود در راستای جلب رضایتمندی مشتریان، موفق به اخذ گواهینامه های ذیل شده است:

-استاندارد های ملی ایران، مرتبط با تولیدات

– گواهینامه سیستم مدیریت کیفیت مرتبط با صنایع خودرو سازی (ایزو16949-TS)

-گواهینامه های سیستم مدیریت کیفیت (ایزو9001)

– گواهینامه سیستم مدیریت زیست محیطی (ایزو 14001)

– گواهینامه و تندیس رعایت حقوق مصرف کنندگان

– گواهینامه و تندیس مصرف انرژی

– تندیس واحد نمونه صنعتی استان مرکزی

تعهد شرکت لاستیک پارس در قبال بالا بودن ضریب ایمنی، کیفیت و مقاومت محصولات شرکت باعث شده است که تایرهای پیروزی نسبت به تایرهای مشابه داخلی و وارداتی ، کاربرد و دوام مناسبتری داشته باشد.

این شرکت تأمین کننده تایرهای OE برای شرکت های بزرگ خودرو سازی در ایران، از قبیل ایران خودرو دیزل، سایپا دیزل می باشد.

تایر پیروزی، علاوه برتأمین بخش مهمی از نیاز بازارهای داخلی، سهم قابل توجهی از صادرات تایر به کشورهای آسیای میانه و همسایگان ایران را دارد.

با افتخار اعلام می کنیم که در شرکت لاستیک پارس، باتکیه بر خلاقیتها و توانایی نیروی انسانی متخصص و کارآزموده به سطوح بالایی از کیفیت محصول دست یافته ایم و معتقدیم تنها شرکت هایی موفق هستند که متکی به نوآوری، تلاش و توانمندی های نیروی انسانی خود باشند.



♦     تولید و تاًمین تایر سنگین و نیمه سنگین، با کیفیتی در سطح استانداردهای ملی و بین المللی و سازگار با محیط زیست

♦     ارائه خدمات پس از فروش در خور انتظارات مشتریان

♦     حفظ منابع سهامداران و سایر ذینفعان

♦     حفظ و توسعه بازارها و مشتریان

♦     توانمند سازی کارکنان

  1. افزايش بهروري
  2. كاهش ضايعات
  3. افزايش سطح سلامت كاركنان
  4. كاهش مصرف حامل­هاي انرژي
  5. بهبود كيفيت محصول
  6. كاهش قيمت تمام شده
  7. افزايش سهم بازار

♦     حفظ، صرفه جویی و بهینه سازی مصرف انرژی، منابع طبیعی و محیط زیست

♦     بهبود پیوسته فرآیندها و محصولات

♦     پیشگیری از آلودگیهای محیط زیست

♦     حرکت به سوی ضایعات صفر

چشم انداز

♦     کسب رتبه اول در سهم بازار تایر های سنگین کشور و صادارت 20 درصد از محصولات

♦     انتقال تکنولوژی تایر رادیال

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