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به آرا
Factory:Phase #2,Toos Industrial Zone,Mashhad,IRAN

Behara food Industry producing since 2009. It is a joint investment food industry with Lorenz company from Germany. Lorenz Co. has been producing potato chips & Snacks for past 120 years, they are producing in 5 European and export to 81 countries.

In 2009 new management of Behara Co. came up with new ideas to have their own new brand “Chuckles” in same time to upgrades their products Behara purchased the latest snack production technology in the world , In order to have high quality snacks along with producing Lorenz Crunchips. Now Behara producing variation of delicious and healthy snacks and potato chips which they have good nutrition value. Behara is first Co. to produce Spiral shape snack in Iran and it sells very good in market. Chuckles snacks now produce in Ball, Ring, Stick and finger shapes with different flavor like cheese, cheese and vegetable and hot ketchup.
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چین چین
The Beginning of the Toroq Road, 2nd Km of Fariman Road, Mashhad

In Iran, 5.5 million tons of tomatoes are produced annually which about 2.5 million tons of tomatoes are processed. The production of tomato paste in the country amounted to 772 thousand tons. Iran also has exported from 30 to 115 thousand tons of tomato paste in different years and has 7th world rankings in this field. Most of the Iranian paste products are exported to Central Asia, Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan and etc.
لبنیات دامداران
Damdaran company, Damdaran blvd. , Haft juy village, Karaj highway, Shahryar, Tehran road
(021) 46893870 – 46893871
No.32, Golestan Boulevard, Ashrafi Esfahani Expressway, Tehran, Iran.


Founded in Iran in 1961, Golestan began operations by blending, packing and selling teas. Soon, the company grew and extended its services to include producing, blending and packing a wide variety of other types of foodstuffs. In the 1990s, its range of food products included 20 main groups and 300 sub-food items altogether. In the same period, the company scrapped its traditional method of distribution and sales and adopted a new one based on the most up-to-date technologies. In 2000, Golestan began its overseas operations, signing a license agreement with Twinings, a reputable British tea marketer. Since its foundation, Golestan has been dedicated to producing reliable and premium food products. The company has achieved lasting fame, thanks to its meticulous planning and customer-oriented marketing methodologies. Presently, Golestan employs at least 2000 people and produces more than 350 food items.

Our values

Golestan is famous for its diverse and unique food products. Its trademark rekindles good memories in its customers who confidently support its brand. Iranian shoppers tend to associate Golestan products with high quality. Tea, its original product, is blended and packed using the most modern and hygienic machines. Our products also meet international standards since we firmly believe in ethical trading

Our purposes

At Golestan, we work hard to build long-lasting relationships with our customers. We regularly carry out evaluations of our customers’ needs as we care about them, their needs and rights. Golestan always endeavors to remain a leading brand through meeting its consumers’ needs in the best way possible.
No.22 Golfam Street, Nelson Mandela blvd, TEHRAN, IRAN.

Mazmaz Mayonesa

Paya tomato paste which had been produce even before the production of potato chips with the brand “Paya” and provide in the exports market has entered into the domestic market with an exceptional quality and under the popular brand “Mazmaz” in the second decade of the activity of the industrial group. As the product was welcomed by the domestic consumer along with the desire of the group to develop the market basket, Mazmaz introduced a new level of quality o the consumers with the production of varieties of sauces, dressings, olives, tuna fish and other canned goods in the future.
شرکت لبنیات میهن
Tehran, 22 km Tehran, Saveh, Islamshahr, opposite Qa’miyah, Mihan Company

About Us

Mihan company was established in 1975 by Ayoob Paydari. He starts his carrier by selling ice-cream on a cart. Today after years of efforts, Sir Paydari transformed Mihan from a small workhouse to the country’s largest ice-cream and dairy producer, which today has more than 1200 members in various sectors and indoor manufacture areas are about 350 thousand square meters.
The creation of a large chain in the country with more than 60 distribution centers has helped Mihan deliver its products to more than 200 thousand stores across the country, more than 65% of the market share of ice cream and 50% of the market share of sterilized milk.
Using the finest natural resource and high-end technology has led Mihan’s products to be welcomed by consumers for export purposes such as Iraq, UAE, Pakistan, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Malaysia, Afghanistan.
We believe in Mihan’s continuous and comprehensive improvement of our productive activities and a constant challenge to utilize the best and most efficient methods in our products, in this way, to achieve the quality and satisfaction of the most consumers.
شرکت نان قدس رضوی
CEO:Nan e Razavi Company, 52 Azadi Alley, Qaem Sq., Mashhad, Iran
Administration: Nan e Razavi Company, 52 Azadi Alley, Qaem Sq., Mashhad, Iran
Customer Services: Nan e Razavi Company, 52 Azadi Alley, Qaem Sq., Mashhad, Iran
Sales and Marketing Affairs: Nan e Razavi Company, 52 Azadi Alley, Qaem Sq., Mashhad, Iran

Nan e razavi has its head office and manufacturing facilities in Greater Khorasan Province where the ancient and famous Silk Roadroute used to run.

Because the Khorasan regions are suitable for growing cold and warm weather crops like wheat, rice, almonds, apples and pistachios, this area is known as one of Iran’s “grain warehouses”.  It has a strong economic significance for the country.

Razavi Khorasan Province with an area of about 128,420 square kilometeres, equivalent to 7.8 percent of the whole area of the country, consists of 19 counties, 62 districts, and 8,861 villages with a population about 5 million people.

The Razavi Khorasan area is ranked third in terms of employment behind Tehran and Isfahan, and sixth in terms of investment. Nan e razavi enjoys the strong economic and commercial benefits of being situated in the heart of this important business area.

We are at the very forefront of food production in the country, and are proud of our commercial standing in a competitive market.

 Our activities started around 1967. In a corner of Imam Reza Hospital was a baker making breads for the hospital staff and patients. His excellent breads were well-known by all who lived in Mashhad, but he wasn’t able to bake sufficient to satisfy demand. Administrators of AstanGhodseRazavi decided to expand production, and in 1972 “Nan e Razavi” Company was registered.

High-quality products continued to be produced through the Revolution in 1978, and beyond during the time of industrial change within the country . We also maintained customer satisfaction while operating with reduced staffing levels.

In 1982, land at the entrance of Mashhad City was granted to the company for further development of the business. New equipment was installed 3 years later. We are now among food companies for our developmental plansand innovative products.  2004 saw the installation of our strudel production lines which are fully automated. We use our modern technology to produce high-quality, popular strudel and croissant delicacies.

We are proud to be one of the largest food factories producing “cake, cookies, bread,strudel,biscuit, wafer and doughnut” in Iran. Annual production capacity exceeds 44,100 tons across more than 100 different high-quality products for domestic use and export.

Our factory units are located at the entrance of the Mashhad-Quchan Road at Ghaem Square where there are more than 14 doughnut, strudel and bread production lines. Production there also includes sponge cakes, pastries, cookies, marshmallows, and biscuit lines.

Further business development is planned.

High quality and customer satisfaction have been our aim ever since the Imam Reza Hospital bakery. Indeed, we are totally committed to these important principles.

We have always aimed (and will continue to do so) to meet our social responsibilities and produce healthy products. That is why important investment was made in domestic production during the years before the Revolution, and expanding it after the Revolution to promote domestic production and job creation. We support our local industry,and produce most of our own machinery and equipment with internal technical personnel and trusted domestic suppliers.

See the PRODUCTS page for our complete range of high-quality products.
South Azadgan Highway – Fath Complex – Maedeh Food Industry Complex

one and one group

With fifty years of experience as one of the largest founders of the modern food industry of the country.


Great honors

In addition to establishing ISO9001-2008, ISO22000, ISO14001-2004, OHSAS18001-2007 and ISO10005 certification as the Accredited Laboratory, the Murghab Dashteh Company (one and one) has moved towards a comprehensive quality management and self-assessment based on EFQM in the program. He has put his work


History of the Company

Dasht Morghab company (public joint stock) is one of the well-known brand names of the oldest and largest manufacturing complexes in the country’s agricultural crop industry. Since 1966, it has been located in the Murghab plain area, 145 km from Shiraz in the province. Fars has begun working on an area of about 25 hectares.


Goals and prospects

The central importance of the Industrial Group 1 and 1 is to provide consumers with easy access to healthy and hygienic food through the production of first-rate grade materials.


Our skills and abilities

The key factors of success of One and One products are : The competitive pricing of manufactured products , brand credibility , products delivery time , international standards and certificates , access to technology , access to market channels , providing the varity of products , the presence of specialized human resources and the existence of trusted supply network.
In recent years , Dashte Morghab Co due to the company,s most productive activities have been presented numerous awards and statues from domestic and foreign congresses and confrences .
Dashte Morghab Co has presented one & one products as one of the proud product in the economic field of the country.
As far as opinion polls on popular consumer brand concerns for the fourth consecutive year the first place of the popular brand of the country,s food industry goes to 1 & 1 industry group.
The group has also been selected for seven consecutive years by the champions of the industry festival as a leading brand in the agricultural transformation industry .
Receiving the golden statue of the national festival of honoring top enterpreneurs ,receiving the tablet of the permenant secretariat of the management development conference , the FDA appreciation tablet , the appreciation tablet of the top exporter , and … are just some examples of honors gained by 1 & 1 .Althogh the name of 1 & 1 food industry is on the hearts of consumers of these products , but it still shines on all statues and awards that have come from festivals , congresses and gatherings inside and outside the country .
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10 Planchet Rd. Unit 17-18
Concord, ON, Canada ,L4K 2C8


Leader in the procurement and supply of saffron as well as other packaged food products, Capable of competing at an international level and with the goal to create added value for all stake holders.
Procurement, production, supply and distribution of quality agricultural & food products:

  • In diverse and attractive packaging
  • With respect and loyalty
  • Creation of value for our customers
  • Sustainable development
  • Specific attention to the quality of goods and peoples’ health
  • Competitiveness in both local and export markets with the help of developed human resources


  • Loyalty
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Team work
  • Responsibility
  • Discipline
  • Training and development of the human resources
  • Commitment


Saharkhiz group history
Saharkhiz saffron ( is a family-owned company established in 1932 by Mr. Saharkhiz and the rest of the Saharkhiz family in the city of Mashhad, Iran and has ever since, for the past 87 years, presented its products ( saffron, dried fruits & nuts …) with the best quality. Quality and reliability have been the most valuable characteristics of this company.
Having been active in procuring and presenting saffron for almost a whole century, Saharkhiz Saffron Complex is a company for which product quality has been very important. From 1963 onwards, the Saharkhiz group was operated by the next generation, the children of the founder through Saharkhiz flagship stores and has expanded today into a group of companies and factories and significant exports.

  • 2005 – Termination of phase 1 of the Saharkhiz Saffron Agricultural & Production Development Complex in the Toss Industrial city near Mashhad, IRAN
  • 2006 – Termination of phase 2 of the Saharkhiz Saffron Agricultural & Production Development Complex in the Toss Industrial city near Mashhad, IRAN
  • 2009 – Beginning of Financial and Construction Planning of the biggest hygienic, standardized and quality controlled rock candy production site, in Iran by the name of PanizShahdBinaloud Co.
  • 2010 – Registration and creation of nationwide distribution company, by the name BinaloudParsian All-Over Distribution (BPAD), the first company in Iran specialized in the distribution of saffron.
  • 2013 – Termination and running of the rock candy manufacturing plant – PanizShahdBinaloud Co


Saharkhiz Saffron is a family complex which has presented its products with the best quality since 1932, respecting its customers’ satisfaction.
Moisture, dust, other natural impurities, as well as artificial additives are against the quality of our products, and considering the market conditions, it is no longer possible to buy the product from the farmer and sell it to the customer with no process.
To preserve the customers’ reliability which is the most valuable thing we have attained during 87 years of being active in procuring and presenting saffron, we are bound to have a precision control on saffron as a complicated process from farm to market. Saharkhiz Saffron Complex is an exemplary unit which always has put the product quality at the first line of its agenda.
Saharkhiz Saffron Complex takes measures on establishing a well-equipped laboratory or the implementation of its quality objectives and we have been successful to obtain the” Iranian National Standard” being number 259-1 from the ” Iranian standard and Industrial Research Institute” and the international “certificates ISO 9001-2015, ISO 22000:2005”.
As a producing unit always considering the fundamental principle of quality as top priority in its activities, Saharkhiz Saffron Co. produces and packages products which meet the requirements
of the national standard of Iran, (259-1), as well as international standards. The products are produced and packaged in accordance with the relevant codes and regulations by our dedicated experienced personnel and experts under hygienic conditions using the latest technology and equipment. In line with this strategy, to attain the lofty aims of the Company, the senior management of Saharkhiz Saffron Co. pays special attention to the following points: – Strategies of wining customers’ satisfaction more and more through supplying products and services they need, promoting the level of specialized training provided to all personnel, supplying hygienic and healthy products up to national and international standards, and preventing any deviation from standard requirements along with strict adherence to providing all necessary sources such as proper infrastructure, qualified human resources and suitable worksite, and not stopping quality improvement as the basis of the company’s quality management system and assessment of the efficiency through implementation of quality policy, setting quality aims, conducting audits, data analysis, taking corrective and preventive measures and performing managerial review.
The senior management of the company is responsible for implementation of quality management and food safety and hygienic systems. In performing the assigned tasks, esteemed colleagues and staff are expected to pay attention to the requirements of ISO9001:2008, ISO22000:2005 and HACCP. Saharkhiz Saffron, as a producing unit always places an emphasis on quality in its activities, in response to the customers’ ever-increasing confidence and demand and in line with implementation of the company’s quality aims and has established an equipped laboratory, and has managed to obtain national standard No.259-1 from institute of standard and industrial research of Iran, as well as international certifications of “HACCP” and “ISO9001:2008, ISO22000:2005”


Implementing ISO 9001:2008 enables continuous improvement of your organization’s quality management systems (QMS) and processes. In turn, this improves the ability of your operations to meet customer requirements and expectations.
Improving your organization’s Quality Management Systems can positively boost your profitability. Demonstrating real commitment to product and service quality can transform your corporate culture because, as a result, employees understand the requirement for ongoing improvement.
ISO 9001:2008 is based on eight quality management principles:

  • Customer focus
  • Leadership
  • Involvement of people
  • Process approach
  • System approach
  • Continual improvement
  • Fact-based decision making, and
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships
+1 (647) 685 – 8585
شیرین عسل
Managing Director:Salimi Azarshahr Road-Tabriz/Iran
Main Factory: Salimi Azarshahr Road-Tabriz/Iran
Central Office: No.4 – Asgari Alley – Felestin St. – Tehran/Iran
Public Relations: No.4 – Asgari Alley – Felestin St. – Tehran/Iran
Sales: Salimi Azarshahr Road-Tabriz/Iran


A story of sweetness and the taste of life since 1990. The delicious & sweet world of Shirin Asal Food Industrial Group started out in 1990 with a small pack of sandwich biscuits covered with chocolate. However, with the trust and loyalty shown by consumers in Iran and many countries around the world, Shirin Asal Food Industrial Group has continuously worked hard for the satisfaction and the good health of the consumers as the main asset to the company.


Shirin Asal, over its fast historical development from a small factory to the country s leading confectionery group, has demonstrated an enviable capability to adjust to an ever-changing external environment. Shirin Asal is the only fully integrated Iranian confectionery group that produces and markets high-quality cocoa, chocolates and confectionery products selling and distributing to different consumer and customer segments in world- wide markets. Shirin Asal is the only fully vertically integrated confectionery group from the bean to the shelf as the Iranian market leader.

Shirin Asal cost leadership and differentiated services are the drivers for growing much faster than the markets. Shirin Asal has a strong focus on quality and on innovation, about 50% of sales are from products developed over the last two years Shirin Asal`s cocoa bean collection network in Ivory Coast and the region offer protection against interruptions in raw material supplies.

Shirin Asal has more than 1000 products to cater for the many different customer needs and customer habits in different markets. To be able to continually meet their changing needs, Shirin Asal puts a strong focus on new product development. Shirin Asal food industrial Group is, due to its products quality and customer services and its policy of expansion and growth is well known in many countries in the world. Shirin Asal remains the cornerstone of the confectionery industry in Iran.

Shirin Asal is the clear out post in a range of biscuits, cakes, chocolates and confectionery not only for production, sales and production range, but also for distribution reaches. Innovation and renovation continues to be the lifeblood of internal growth of Shirin Asal Group. Consumers are always seeking new concepts and experiences and it is Shirin Asal’s innovation that provides them.