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لوازم خانه و آشپز خانه همارا
No.E19, Sarv 1 Ave., Nassir Abad Industrial Zone, Saveh Rd Tehran-Iran.


Established In 1990 As An OEM Auto Part Manufacturer , Nooran Sanat Co. Began To Offer Professional Service In Addition To Related Field. As An Absolute Oriented Toward The Customer Requirements, It Has Tried To Supply And Guarantee The Best Quality For Its Produts.The Company Started Producing Household And Kitchen Appliances Since 2011 Under Homara Trademark In Order To Develop Its Market. Applying Completely Trained Personnel And The Most Advanced Machinery, And Having Product Design Units, Molding Units, Process And Manufacturing Engineering Units, A Fully Equipped Laboratory And A Quality Control Department, Homara Produces Its Products With The Highest Quality And Provides Service To Join The Global And Competitive Market Technically And Economically. In Addition, The Company Has Succeeded To Receive Various Certificates From Iran Institute Of Standards, E Mark Product Certificate, CE And Quality Management System Certificates: ISO/TS And ISO 9001:2008 ,16949 2009.  Export To Neighboring Countries And CIS Region, Reliable Customers.
++98 21 56390 441 – 3
فرش مشهد
تهران، خیابان ولیعصر، خیابان عاطفی، پلاک ۱۰۰، طبقه چهارم

Mashad Carpet Company is the largest member of Mashad Industrial Group and one of the largest carpet manufacturers in Iran. We have also been proud of the best quality carpets for Iranians over years. The company started in 1979 in Mashad, Iran’s second largest city, with an annual production capacity of 240,000 square meters. Over years, domestic and global competition has been boosted by a team of experienced managers, skilled engineers and skilled garages, with an annual production of 2,400,000 square meters.

With the finest quality fabrics in Dralon, Germany, the finest and best quality colors and chemicals of Europe’s finest factories, pure wool with brand name of New Zealand Wool Organization and natural silk yarn, the presence of Mashad carpet in domestic and international markets continued for 40 years. In our opinion, the reputation and popularity of Mashad carpet brand is due to customer orientation and high standards of quality as well as innovation in design and coloring. Using technology of the world in production of machine-made carpet also confirms the importance of producing high quality products in this company.

 Design Unit
We have applied creativity, art and experience and created the latest techniques and methods of design to make it an appropriate place to provide the best performing roles in domestic and foreign markets, and bring the best Persian carpets to perfection. Our team has the technology of the day and the latest techniques and training in relation to design and tastes of the day.

Production Unit
Technology of the day ,best raw materials and powerful manpower are the three pillars of the brand’s dynamism and advancement, which has strived to rely on the production of a quality product with a high standard in carpet industry. Research for continuous development and following up customer’s feedback has been the guarantor of our success in carpet market in years.

Domestic Sales Unit
After about 40 years, Mashad carpet is one of the established brands in domestic market. Mashad’s carpet has a strong distribution network, including corporate stores and various distributors and wholesalers. Mashad Carpet has 25 stores across Iran and has active presence in more than 30 Iranian cities with more than 56 active stores.
in a country where people know the carpet well and have high expectations, we try to be a good brand name for Mashad carpet.

Export Unit
Presence of 26 year old Mashad carpet in world markets and Iranian machine-made carpet export to more than 30 countries is a valuable experience that its continuation and expansion are the goal of export unit. Participation in national and international exhibitions is one of the activities of this unit to achieve this goal.

Management Team
Mr. Reza Hamidi: Managing Director and Chairman of the Board
Mr. Mohammad Hamidi: Financial Director
Mr. Ali Sarraf: Factory Director

The factories of Mashhad Industrial Group are as follows.

Mashad Dyeing Company
Mashad dyeing company started in 1993 with an annual production capacity of 4500 tons of acrylic fiber and currently has an annual production capacity of 11,000 tons of dyeing acrylic and 100 tons of wool yarn. Mashad dyeing compony is one of the largest dyeing unit in our country.

Mashad Spinning Company
Mashad spinning company started in year 1990 with annual production capacity of 3,800 tons of acrylic yarn, and now has increased the production capacity to 5200 tons of acrylic yarn, used in carpet industry.

Other Mashad Industrial Group companies include the following companies in fields of textile, clothing and leather goods, carpet, towel, blanket, industrial breads, detergent and cleaner. The group has more than 2,600 staff. More information about the following companies can be found in Mashad Industrial Group.
Mashhad leather company
Negin Mashhad Carpet Company
Laleh Mehregan Blanket Company
Wheat Company of Mashhad Plain
Babak chemist Toos Co.
Towel Company Yas Sepid

No. 28 – St. 12 – Ahmad Qasir St. – Tehran
Imam Ali East Blvd – Persian Gulf Blvd – Mahmood Abad Industrial Park – Qom highway – Thirty kilometers before Tehran – Qom
Pakshoma is always with you

We are an Iranian company that offers what an Iranian wants: creativity and quality

Pakshoma Production Industrial Company started its activities in 1975 with the production of semi-automatic washing machines, which at the time were among the best-known brands.
In 1997, with the change of ownership and management, the company’s vision was based on production with the highest quality, consumer protection and job creation. To this end, measures were taken to co-operate with reputable European and Asian companies and to use technical and technological know-how in the field of mass production of automatic and semi-automatic washing machines.

With over forty years of experience in the production of all types of washing machines, Pakshoma has put its goals and plans in line with offering the highest quality products for the comfort, calm and satisfaction of most Iranian families.



With over forty years of experience in the production of all types of washing machines, Pakshoma Co. has set its goals and plans to supply the highest quality products to the comfort, calm and satisfaction of most Iranian families. To do this, it completes its product portfolio by adding dishwashers, side-by-side refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens and gas coolers, and is planning to produce other household appliances for all sectors of the community with any kind of tastes and budgets.

Pakshoma cooperates with the world’s leading and reputable companies, providing quality products, based on the latest technology and know-how, employing experienced and skilled engineers, and more than 600 after-sales service centers and 400 resellers nationwide. It is the largest producer of about 100 different types of home appliances.



The first phase of the plant was put into operation in April 2004 at the new factory of Pakshoma in Mahmoudabad industrial park in Qom with an area of 100,000 square meters and 30,000 square meters of hall and indoor warehouse for the production of plastic products and two full lines. Also in May 2015, with an increase of 30,000 square meters, other manufacturing halls totaled 60,000 square meters, including 3 full production lines, were put into operation, and another 30,000 square meters will be added to the plant’s production space by next year.

The use of new and modern machines has increased the production and employment of 1,000 trained and experienced people. Currently, Pakshoma is one of the top 10 projects in Qom province.

Due to the highest quality and after-sales services, and a long-term warranty period, Pakshoma has become the first choice of Iranian buyers and has received a trophy and certificate for compliance with the rights of consumers for 6 consecutive years. In a survey carried out in the years 2013 and 2014, Pakshoma was selected as the most popular Iranian brand in the sector of washing machines and dishwashing machines. Pakshoma Co. is proud to receive ISO 10004, ISO 10002, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001 certificates for management systems to ensure and enhance the quality of its products in compliance with national and international standards. Among the other honors of the company, we can mention its selection as the best unit in terms of entrepreneurship in 2010, the leading unit in the home appliance industry, obtaining the Certificate of Quality Mark and Customer Satisfaction Award in the years 2012 and 2013. We believe that your satisfaction is our commitment.
پارس خزر
تهران، خيابان سپهبد قرنی، پلاک ۴۳
لوگو فوتر پارس خزر و سایا
تندیس طلایی رعایت حقوق مصرف‌کنندگان 1397
تندیس زرین برند محبوب 1396

شرکت صنعتی پارس خزر (سهامی عام)، تولید کننده لوازم خانگی ساخت ایران با بیش از نیم قرن سابقه است که محصولات آن شامل انواع ماشین لباسشویی 7 و 8 کیلویی، پنکه های رومیزی، ایستاده، دیواری و سقفی، هواکش، شومینه برقی، فن هیتر، بخاری برقی، پلوپز، بخارپز، سرخ کن، آون توستر، ساندویچ ساز، کباب پز (باربیکیو)، تخم مرغ پز، خوراک پز، چرخگوشت، غذاساز، همزن، آسیاب، میوه و سبزی خشک کن، مکمل چرخگوشت، بلندر، خرد کن، ترازو آشپزخانه، آبمیوه گیری، آب مرکبات گیری، چای ساز، دم آور، کتری برقی، اسپرسوساز، جارو برقی، جارو عصایی، بخارشو، اتوبخار، سشوار و تصفیه هوا می باشد. تولیدات این شرکت از سال 1347 تا 1361 با برند پارس توشیبا و از سال 1361 تاکنون با برند تجاری پارس خزر و سایا به بازارهای داخلی و جهانی عرضه می شوند.
۸۸۸۱۲۴۸۵ و ۸۸۸۴۱۹۱۶ (۰۲۱)
Sinjer building -33th st- Alvand Ave -Arjantine Sq –Tehran –Iran

industrial manufacturing SINJER company was established in 1992 , started with the heating stove production (freestanding&built in) rapidly, with the firm determination and producing high quality products , according to consumer’s taste in domestic market has made a brakethrough ,and well known as a piooneer in home appliance industry 

In 2000 ,SINJER enhanced its range of products by producing frigorific production

In 2007 Electronic and Mecanic (frigorific) labratory was granted certificate of the INSTITUTE OF STANDARDS AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH OF IRAN (ISIRI) and introduced as a leader labrotory and partner of standard institute to cooperate trial procdure of fridge ,freezers, freestanding stove,oven ,builtin stove

SINJER groups hopes to get consumer’s satisfaction by lunching new products to the markrt ,such as glass sheet&steel sheet gas stove built in and free standing ,built in oven and chimneyand under cabinet hood
قالی سلیمان
Floor 5, Number 143, West Hoveyzeh St.

Northern Sohrevardi St, Tehran, Iran
(+98) 21-434340000
(+98) 21-43434444
استیل البرز
No 65, Mollasadra St, Tehran, Iran

About Steel Alborz

Steel Alborz co. (Private Held), is a subsidiary company of “Seven Diamonds Co” which is the second largest producer of galvanized sheets based on international Standards in Iran.

Steel Alborz Co founded 1992 in Iran , is one the leading manufacturer of kitchen Appliance for domestic and international markets and the first holder of the national standard of Iran in the kitchen sink industry. The Company started its activities with an annual capacity of About 200.000 pieces of sinks , using the most advanced machineries, in the city of shiraz which could satisfy the domestic market demand at time. Thanks to advanced technology and modern scientific approaches in management and production affairs the company has managed to be considered as a respectable and particular quality brand in Iran and some other countries. Nowadays, Steel Alborz Co. has increased its capacity in sinks, hobs, hoods, oven, microwave and faucet to more than 1.5 million pieces per year with over 200 different models , Distributed in domestic market and more than 40 countries in Middle East, far east, North America , Africa and Oceania.

Due to some limitations in the process of kitchen sink with diversified designs, the company decided to implant another factory called “khorram sanat” in order to manufacture welded (fantasy) sinks.

On the other hand, the production procedure and the variety of molds make the diversification of forms and dimensions of sinks possible. Besides, some designs of various models are exclusive to Steel Alborz Co. and represents concept of uniqueness of the company’s products. Research and Development Dept. (R&D) constantly initiates appropriate projects in order to improve the quality and capacity of production; Quality Control Dept. (QC) is responsible to inspect products using most advanced technologies.

In order to achieve customer – oriented principles, Steel Alborz Co. has implemented the “quality Management System” (QMS) in the organization and managed to obtain two valuable certificates of ISO 9001:2008 standard series issued by International Certificatory of Italian IQNET and British MOODY & Standard Certification of exporting products to Europe (CE) from Item Bulgaria & Celab Italy.
قابلمه زرساب
Unit 8 – Third Floor – No.2 – Rahbar Street
Khorramshahr Avenue -Tehran – Iran

Zar-sab established in 1982 with the aim of producing high quality nonstick cookware for Domestic market and export , by meeting all local and international standards with best european raw Materials such as  P.T.F.E. backlite  powder , powder paint ,etc….
Beside the nonstick cooking plant  ,  for  the  ease of production we have some other shops as follow:
1.Tooling shop: to manufacture special machines ,  dies and most of the toolings along with major Repairs. such as : electronics , electric , hydrolics and mechanical
2.Phenolic molding shop: making most of the reqired handles and knobs for the cookwares.

3.Design and photography : designing the products as well as brochures , catalogues , boxes etc….

4.Packaging shop : to produce all of the packaging requirements such as colorful boxes and labels master cartons etc…

5.Along with the production we also have a very strong marketing , sales and distribution department with

over 1500 , customers and 8 offices through the country. promoting zar-sab products and some other relevant imported house hold applinces.
6.Our after sales and servic department is always available to serve the customers for eny complains.
چینی زرین
Head Office: Zarin Iran Porcelain Industries
No 25, Vanak St., Vanak Sq. Tehran 1994618511 IRAN
Factory: 43rd km, Mobarakeh Road, Esfahan – IRAN
Zarin Iran Porcelain Industries is a pioneer fine porcelain manufacturer in the Middle East as well as one of the most technologically advanced porcelain producers in the World.


The pedigree of the company goes back to over 130 years of four generations of Ghassai family’s experience in the field of Ceramics.
Founder and Managing Director of Zarin Iran Porcelain Industries Mr. Eng. Abbasali Ghassai was born on 1947 and has studied in the field of Ceramic Engineering and is graduated from Nuremberg University – Germany in 1973.

Mr. Ghassai started his career first by modernizing his family owned ceramic workshop with over 50 employees. At the same time he founded Zarin Iran Porcelain industries and started implementation and construction of first phase of Zarin Iran Porcelain manufacturing plant near Isfahan, with help and companionship of his brother Mr. Eng. Masoud Ghassai. The company has been developed in three different stages ever since into one of the world most technologically advanced Porcelain tableware manufacturers with over 8,500 tons production capacity annually. It has over 1200 employees and 150,000 square meters manufacturing area.

Ghassai Ceramic Workshop in Natanz, was originally founded by Mr.Ghassai’s grandfather over 130 years ago (around 1881 A.D) and then it was developed later on by father Mr. Ali Ghassai.

* Emerge of  “Zarin Home”, a new Zarin Iran sub Brand for its branded boutiques along with start of collaboration with world famous European tableware manufacturing brands, leaning the company’s philosophy toward Lifestyle.

Research And Development

Research And DevelopmentAs a leading member of Iranian R&D Association (associated with IRAN Ministry of Industries and Mines), Zarin Iran porcelain has always had an eye on Research and Development. Consequently we have been able to continuously optimize and renovate our production methods, monitor and improve our products quality in every aspect, evaluate final consumer demands to design and develop merited products which suits different segments of the market.

Zarin Iran R & D center is divided to the following subsections:

1- Ceramic & Chemistry Laboratory (accredited by Iranian Industrial Standard and Research Center)
2- Design Department
3- Production and Maintenance Department

Each department enjoys the most sophisticated equipment and professional staff dedicated to produce an extensive range of premium quality porcelain tableware for homes, hotels, restaurants and caterings.

Constant improvement of the integrated management system IMS processes effectiveness. All Zarin Iran employees are committed to perform their duties in accordance to the brand philosophy.


Zarin Porcelain Industries, a family owned business with a background of over 130 years of experience in Ceramics, was established in 1984 as a brand representing high quality products. Utilizing the latest technology and findings in this field, Zarin Porcelain is considered a pioneer fine porcelain manufacturer in the Middle East and one of the most technologically advanced porcelain producers in the World. That is why Zarin has been able to export its products to over 20 countries including Canada, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, England, Sweden, The Netherlands, Turkey, Russia and India.
Head Office Tel:(+98 21) 88770044 Tel:(+98 21) 84111 Factory Tel:(+98 31) 33313181 Tel:(+98 31) 33313182 Tel:(+98 31) 33313183
Head Office:(+98 21) 88663099
تشک رویال
.تهران خیابان اسدآبادی کوچه هفتم پلاک ۱۲ طبقه سوم، شرکت رویا.
تشک رویا با کمک تکنولوژی روز دنیا و بهره گیری از دستگاه ها و ماشین آلات مدرن و با استفاده از پرسنلی فنی و آموزش دیده، توانایی تولید مناسب با شناخت مناسب از بازار روز و ارگونومی مناسب برای انسان امروز را دارد . این مزیت ها باعث تمایز بزرگ تشک رویا در مقایسه با دیگر مجموعه های مشابه شده است.
تشک رویا
هدف ما در شرکت رویا بهره گیری از تجهیزات روز دنیا با استفاده از کادری فنی و باتجربه در عرضه بهترین محصول با حداکثر کیفیت و حداقل قیمت می باشد.

سال تأسیس: ۱۳۶۳
شرکت رویا مفتخر است با بیش از ربع قرن تجربه و با بهره‌گیری از پیشرفته ترین ماشین‌آلات، دانش فنی روز دنیا و دستان توانمند پرسنل خلاق و متخصص خود، مرغوبترین انواع تشک های فنرمنفصل (پاکتی)، فنری و اسفنجی به همراه کالاهای جانبی اعم از محافظ تشک، تشک میهمان، بالش، تخت با رویه پارچه و تاج را در ایران تولید نماید.

رویا هم رتبه رقبای جهانی
شرکت رویا به عنوان یکی از تولیدکنندگان برتر در خاورمیانه با ساخت و توسعه واحدهای مختلف تولیدی خود اعم از کارخانجات:

  • تولید اسفنج؛
  • تولید موکت؛
  • تولید پارچه؛
  • تولید نوار ژاکارد؛
  • تولید لایی؛
  • کشش مفتول؛
  • فنر زنی؛
  • اسکلت زنی؛‌
  • فریم زنی

هم‌اینک خط تولید کامل تشک را در اختیار داشته و همواره تلاش نموده با نگاهی به آینده و حرکت به سمت خودکفایی صنعتی، محصولاتی هم سطح برترینهای جهان عرضه نموده و به جهانی شدن بیاندیشد.

  • دارنده نشان استاندارد از سازمان ملی استاندارد ایران
  • دارنده گواهینامه ISO ۱۰۶۶۸-۲۰۱۰ تأیید ارزش برند/ از سوی اتحادیه اروپا/ ICS Group
  • دارنده گواهینامه ISO ۱۰۰۰۴-۲۰۱۰ رضایت‌مندی مشتری/ از سوی اتحادیه اروپا/ ICS Group
  • دارنده گواهینامه و نشان کیفیت برتر/ از سوی اتحادیه اروپا/ ICS Group

اهبردهای شرکت در جهت جلب رضایت هرچه بیشتر مشتریان

  • استفاده از مرغوبترین مواد اولیه؛
  • بهره گیری از پیشرفته ترین ماشین آلات دنیا ، مطابق با استانداردهای برتر تولید؛
  • در اختیار گرفتن نیروهای انسانی خلاق و متخصص؛
  • نهایت دقت در ارائه محصولاتی کاملا بهداشتی؛
  • تلاش روز افزون در راستای بهبود کیفیت محصولات مبتنی بر طرح‌های توسعه فنی، ارتقای مهندسی ساخت و آموزش مستمر نیروی انسانی؛
  • خود کفایی صنعتی در تولید کلیه اجزاء و لایه های به کاررفته در تشک.

استراتژی شرکت در برخورد با مشتری استراتژی برنده- برنده است و همین استراتژی پیروز، چشم انداز و افق آینده شرکت را از اهداف کوچک سودآوری به اهداف کلان و راهبردی خدمت رسانی به مشتریان و خشنودی مصرف‌کننده سوق داده است.

ما ایمان داریم که رضایت شما، رهنمون ما در مسیر تلاش مستمرمان برای دستیابی به اهداف کلان و راهبردی خدمت رسانی به مشتریان و خشنودی مصرف کنندگان محصولاتمان خواهد بود.

۰۲۱-۸۹۰۵ ۰۲۱۸۸۷۱۹۵۶۰