Pakdasht,Abbas Abad industrial town
Emersun Industries Co

Emersun Industries Co. was established in 1981 bySoltan Hossein Fattahi. Until 1987, the company used to manufacture household freezer. The production line of the first new design 16-ft refrigerator freezer came .f the bestselling domestic products. 18-ft and 20-ft refrigerator freezers were designed and manufactured due to the market requirements. Note that 18-ft refrigerator freezers were the bestselling products in Iran for many years. 20-ft refrigerator freezers are ranked first

لوازم خانه و آشپز خانه همارا
No.E19, Sarv 1 Ave., Nassir Abad Industrial Zone, Saveh Rd Tehran-Iran.


Established In 1990 As An OEM Auto Part Manufacturer , Nooran Sanat Co. Began To Offer Professional Service In Addition To Related Field. As An Absolute Oriented Toward The Customer Requirements, It Has Tried To Supply And Guarantee The Best Quality For Its Produts.The Company Started Producing Household And Kitchen Appliances Since 2011 Under Homara Trademark In Order To Develop Its Market. Applying Completely Trained Personnel And The Most Advanced Machinery, And Having Product Design Units, Molding Units, Process And Manufacturing Engineering Units, A Fully Equipped Laboratory And A Quality Control Department, Homara Produces Its Products With The Highest Quality And Provides Service To Join The Global And Competitive Market Technically And Economically. In Addition, The Company Has Succeeded To Receive Various Certificates From Iran Institute Of Standards, E Mark Product Certificate, CE And Quality Management System Certificates: ISO/TS And ISO 9001:2008 ,16949 2009.  Export To Neighboring Countries And CIS Region, Reliable Customers.

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سنگ ایران
Iran, Tehran

Iranian ston

Tehran central office:

Address:Unit 4,No. 335,Building Javydan,The Bani Hashim squere,Resalat Highway,Tehran

Email: export@tileiran.co

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فولاد خوزستان
Add. :10th KM. of Ahwaz – Bandar Imam Khomeini Road, Ahwaz, Iran



Khouzestan steel company is one of the crude steel producer in Islamic Republic of IRAN and one of the most pioneer economical agencies in the country which plays a vital role in the region and national interests.

This company was established in 1973 and built on 3.8 square kilometers in the vicinity of Ahwaz city, which is the capital of Khouzestan province in the south west of Iran.

This company is the first producer of Iron and steel in the country based on Direct Reduction method and electric arc furnaces technology (EAF) which was officially operated in 1989 and have achieved the nominal capacity of (1.5) million tons per year then by executing the expansion projects the capacity increased up to 2.4 by the first phase and by the second phase it is increased up to 3.6 million tons per year.During these years Khouzestan steel company fully committed to satisfy its customers in both quality and services, the certificates such as quality management system ISO 9000:2000, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 27001:2005 are evidences to this fact.


KSC consist of three main production units as below:

Pelletizing plants

KSC includes two pelletizing units with a nominal capacity of each 3.1 million tons per year. These units convert the concentrated iron ore to production pellets.


Direct reduction plant (DRI)

This unit converts the pellets into sponge iron the plant comprises four Midrex modules with a total capacity more than 4 million tons.



Steel making plant

This unit converts sponge irons to Slab, Bloom and Billets.


The steel making plant consist of :

Six Electric Arc Furnaces.

Three Ladle Furnaces (LF).

Two double strands slab continuous casting machines

A six strands bloom continuous casting machines.

Two six strands billet continuous casting machines.


The casting machines (CCM) converts the molten steel into slab, bloom and billets with annual capacity of approximately 3.6 million tons.

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کیا گالری
Zendegi Complex, Attar Sq., Derakhti St., Mehrvila
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Kia Gallery started 10 years ago with great and professional goals set to increase creativity in golden jewelry market and industry. Kia Gallery is now expanded and it’s a group active in different areas with the support of its customers and fans. Kia Gallery Group is active in sports, cultural and social activities as well as art education. Kia Gallery Group can be counted as an example of the best combination of hard work, great service and trust.

Permanent Exhibition
Unit 5 – 5 Floor – Alghadir Mall – Kakh Javanan St – Sabounian Road – Shoush Squar – Tehran – Iran

About Us

Limon is a manufacturer of kitchenware considering the highest quality and rights of customers.The company uses hygienic and high quality materials ,

and verifies the products , more than 500 products , with laboratory equipment for its assurance.

The company has a long history and experience in product design, production and quality control using professionals, which makes it able to reach

standard in the international level. also , the innovation in production satisfies customers requirements and makes us one of the most important

competitors of imported products in Iranian market.

Quality Control

Quality control unit considers the newest standards in national and international levels and uses laboratory equipment

for verifying products production processes in order to satisfies clients with high quality products.

This unit utilizes experts to supervise quality control during production process to ensure authenticity of high quality

for releasing products on the market.

Certificates acquired by the unit :

Quality Management-Requirements ( ISO 9001).

Certificate holder of CE from European Union.

Quality Management customer satisfaction in area of complaints handling (ISO 10002:2004).

Quality Management customer satisfaction in area of monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction (ISO 10004:2012).

Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS 18001:2007)

Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2004).

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+(98) 2155044229

No. 28 – St. 12 – Ahmad Qasir St. – Tehran
Imam Ali East Blvd – Persian Gulf Blvd – Mahmood Abad Industrial Park – Qom highway – Thirty kilometers before Tehran – Qom
Pakshoma is always with you

We are an Iranian company that offers what an Iranian wants: creativity and quality

Pakshoma Production Industrial Company started its activities in 1975 with the production of semi-automatic washing machines, which at the time were among the best-known brands.
In 1997, with the change of ownership and management, the company’s vision was based on production with the highest quality, consumer protection and job creation. To this end, measures were taken to co-operate with reputable European and Asian companies and to use technical and technological know-how in the field of mass production of automatic and semi-automatic washing machines.

With over forty years of experience in the production of all types of washing machines, Pakshoma has put its goals and plans in line with offering the highest quality products for the comfort, calm and satisfaction of most Iranian families.



With over forty years of experience in the production of all types of washing machines, Pakshoma Co. has set its goals and plans to supply the highest quality products to the comfort, calm and satisfaction of most Iranian families. To do this, it completes its product portfolio by adding dishwashers, side-by-side refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens and gas coolers, and is planning to produce other household appliances for all sectors of the community with any kind of tastes and budgets.

Pakshoma cooperates with the world’s leading and reputable companies, providing quality products, based on the latest technology and know-how, employing experienced and skilled engineers, and more than 600 after-sales service centers and 400 resellers nationwide. It is the largest producer of about 100 different types of home appliances.



The first phase of the plant was put into operation in April 2004 at the new factory of Pakshoma in Mahmoudabad industrial park in Qom with an area of 100,000 square meters and 30,000 square meters of hall and indoor warehouse for the production of plastic products and two full lines. Also in May 2015, with an increase of 30,000 square meters, other manufacturing halls totaled 60,000 square meters, including 3 full production lines, were put into operation, and another 30,000 square meters will be added to the plant’s production space by next year.

The use of new and modern machines has increased the production and employment of 1,000 trained and experienced people. Currently, Pakshoma is one of the top 10 projects in Qom province.

Due to the highest quality and after-sales services, and a long-term warranty period, Pakshoma has become the first choice of Iranian buyers and has received a trophy and certificate for compliance with the rights of consumers for 6 consecutive years. In a survey carried out in the years 2013 and 2014, Pakshoma was selected as the most popular Iranian brand in the sector of washing machines and dishwashing machines. Pakshoma Co. is proud to receive ISO 10004, ISO 10002, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001 certificates for management systems to ensure and enhance the quality of its products in compliance with national and international standards. Among the other honors of the company, we can mention its selection as the best unit in terms of entrepreneurship in 2010, the leading unit in the home appliance industry, obtaining the Certificate of Quality Mark and Customer Satisfaction Award in the years 2012 and 2013. We believe that your satisfaction is our commitment.

پارس خزر
تهران، خيابان سپهبد قرنی، پلاک ۴۳
لوگو فوتر پارس خزر و سایا
تندیس طلایی رعایت حقوق مصرف‌کنندگان 1397
تندیس زرین برند محبوب 1396

شرکت صنعتی پارس خزر (سهامی عام)، تولید کننده لوازم خانگی ساخت ایران با بیش از نیم قرن سابقه است که محصولات آن شامل انواع ماشین لباسشویی 7 و 8 کیلویی، پنکه های رومیزی، ایستاده، دیواری و سقفی، هواکش، شومینه برقی، فن هیتر، بخاری برقی، پلوپز، بخارپز، سرخ کن، آون توستر، ساندویچ ساز، کباب پز (باربیکیو)، تخم مرغ پز، خوراک پز، چرخگوشت، غذاساز، همزن، آسیاب، میوه و سبزی خشک کن، مکمل چرخگوشت، بلندر، خرد کن، ترازو آشپزخانه، آبمیوه گیری، آب مرکبات گیری، چای ساز، دم آور، کتری برقی، اسپرسوساز، جارو برقی، جارو عصایی، بخارشو، اتوبخار، سشوار و تصفیه هوا می باشد. تولیدات این شرکت از سال 1347 تا 1361 با برند پارس توشیبا و از سال 1361 تاکنون با برند تجاری پارس خزر و سایا به بازارهای داخلی و جهانی عرضه می شوند.

۸۸۸۱۲۴۸۵ و ۸۸۸۴۱۹۱۶ (۰۲۱)
قالی سلیمان
Floor 5, Number 143, West Hoveyzeh St.

Northern Sohrevardi St, Tehran, Iran
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