Matajer Novin Maidan Company consists of several working groups in different fields of manufacturing, commerce, export and import, clearance and customs of the country with a brilliant history of several years. These working groups will continually update their laws and regulations, and will carry out business affairs in accordance with the latest laws and regulations of the country.

The company has many years of experience in exporting and importing to neighboring countries and Persian Gulf and in this context, it has established a good business relationship with many businessmen and trading companies in the neighboring countries.

One of the success stories of business and commerce is the awareness of the latest news and business analyzes with counterparts. From this perspective, Matajer Novin Maidan has an economics team to analyze the domestic market and target countries market, Economic lawyers to analyze the latest news and information of target countries and good relationships in the top of the economy for creation of new activities and launch of new businesses.

Major activities of this company:

  • Creating a suitable platform for introducing the products of factories and manufacturing workshops between target countries.
  • Establishing economic relations with well-known businessmen, especially in Syria and Iraq.
  • Follow up and analysis of recent trade and commercial laws and regulations between neighboring countries, especially Iraq and Syria.
  • Law services in the field of business with the use of famous lawyers.
  • Facilitate and carry out translation affairs for businessmen.

Company goals:

  • Creating a competitive market between the manufacturers of all commercial products in target countries.
  • Creating a platform for direct contact with manufacturers.
  • Creating a virtual platform for manufacturers to introduce themselves and provide manufacturing and service capabilities.